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basic points to do Direct Marketing in Spain

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  • Addresses are provided for single use.

  • Once the data is used, the file must be destroyed.

  • Privacy Information (provided by the owner) has to be reported in the direct mail, as Spanish law requires.

  • Every list owner must be informed about unsubscribtion request, that the final user can receive.

  • All responders data will become property of the final client.


  • For email deployment, mailers must provide creativity in HTML format.

  • Every database owner will add their own privacy information to the email message.

  • Direct Email creativity can only be deployed after list owner's approval.

  • List owner will provide at least one report on results of the campaign.


  • Insert are usually not named.

  • For any delivery of printed brochures, place and method of delivery will be provided.

  • List owners will also be asked for approval of printed offers.


Robinson List Service is managed by the Spanish Association of the Digital Economy as required by the regulations on Data Protection. Robinson data contains personal information: postal address, email or telephone.
Any mailer should include the Robinson List as do-not-mail before sending any communications to individuals registered in the Robinson file, this applies to any prospecting or advertising campaign.

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