Definition List Broker

Advisory for those wishing to conduct direct marketing campaigns through postal mail, email or telemarketing. Provide lists that, minimally, containing names of potential customers and their contact details.


With our advice you can:

  • Send a direct communication to the appropriate target.
  • Just encourage traffic to your website.
  • Test new markets with minimal investment.
  • To present their products to potential customers.
  • Get analysis results Campania.

As works a list broker

We are not owners of the data lists, we are intermediaries.

We mediate between our customers and owners of the lists, receiving a commission for this asesoracion.

We provide our customers the necessary information, such as prices, the appropriate target your campaign, etc., for the proper development of the campaign.

We provide guaranteed by the holder lists according to the LOPD.

The action is regulated by clear and transparent contract signed by the parties.

The addresses supplied are guaranteed for standardization.

We provide BBDD for rent prior approval of the holder thereof.

Mono data use.

Budgets are given for CPM (cost per thousand addresses).

We provide our customers a range of options or “lists” to facilitate their campaigns.

We are part of a European network (lists4europe)

International direct marketing


Coordinate international campaigns

We planing elaborate multi international channel list

It is not difficult to find ready for the global market